Top view of the fully lined matte chocolate alligator bifold. The cut was from the gator's belly with even amount of scales and flank.

Angled view of the wallet. This bifold was fully lined using French camel Chevre and it features a notes divider. All of our wallets are crafted with traditional methods. We NEVER T-shape our pockets. Each pocket is carefully hand skived down to the thinnest so that the wallet looks slim but won't lose shape or structure when compare to pockets that were T-shaped.

Front view of the bifold. We use traditional saddle-stitching technique to hand sew our products. This particular wallet was hand sewn using Fil Au Chinois coffee linen thread.

Before assembly...the even spread of the scales and flank....

Camel French chevre was used to create the pockets/compartments. Pockets/compartments are fully lined and this photo shows in-depth detail of the fold-in edges. The crease is done using the filateuse, or as we called it...fileteusing!