Finished! Weinheimer Iris shrunken calf fully lined (all leather, no fabrics) with French Pink chèvre leather. Completely hand made and hand sewn using Fil Au Chinois Aubergine & Rose linen thread.

Interior view: 6 horizontal card slots and 6 vertical card slots.

Interior view: additional compartments with RiRi zipper pouch and collapsible gussets

Layers of leather zipper pouch. Edges are a mixture of Chester Mox specialize fold-in edges and painted edges.

Detail of strap with concealed spring snap. Edges are hand painted with custom color paint, hand burnished, and hand polishing.

All of our products are hand stitch using traditional saddle stitching technique.

Our pockets are hand cut at full length, not T-shaped. We hand skived the edges to its thinnest layers. Even with 6 pockets and fully lined, our edges is still thin.