Custom-made double zipper handbag/totebag completely handcrafted from start to finish using Weinheimer Butternut shrunken calf leather. All of our products are designed, cut, saddle stitched, and finished in our atelier located in the city of Monterey Park, California.

Details of the piping on the bag towards the top...

Details of the piping on the bag towards the bottom........four solid brass hardware, nickel finished feet to prevent scratches on the base of the bag

Detail of the edges on the rope handles

Finished attaching the zippers to the gusset, and the gusset to the piping, then the piping to the body of the bag. Ready to hand sew. We use traditional hand sewing technique known as saddle stitching, even though the stitching is not visible to the eyes.

Saddle stitching detail of the rope handle already attached to the body of the bag...

Detail of the side pulls...a cute little hexagon shape to match up with the rest

Zipper with elegant folding edges! Straight and sleek, one of Chester Mox's specialty!!